Welcome to the Network!

The Pano Network is a private online platform for underpresented filmmakers & their supporters to hire, find work, level up, and connect with each other.

Together, we've created the BTTL x Pano membership to help filmmakers with a feature film or documentary in development.

Please scroll for a quick overview of how to make the most of your BTTL x Pano membership. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to message us. We’re happy to help!

Please note all links open in a new window so you can keep referencing this page on your tour.

Getting Started

Start by uploading a professional photo to your profile. While you're there, fill out your profile. The amount of info you provide is up to your comfort level but we have found the more info you provide, the easier it is for people to find or vet you when hiring.

TIP: Make sure to fill out your Roles, Location, Identity, Ethnicity, and Union so you always show up in the search when filmmakers are hiring through our Members Directory.

Our Network feed is the central hub for everything happening on the Network. You can find all the latest crew & casting calls, updates from other members, news from Pano, events, opportunities, and more!

Post your first update by clicking in the Create a Post box and watch the comments roll in!

Groups are a great way to have conversations around specific topics. For instance, as a Cinematographer, you could join the Cinematographers group to discuss and connect with other Cinematographers on the Network. Groups are also a great way to create a gathering place for specific needs. You can create an accountability group to keep each other on track or a writers group to meet regularly together. 

TIP: Any member can form new groups and request to join public & private groups. Updates posted in private or hidden groups are only visible to group members.

Build Your Network

Reach out and make a connection with any member by clicking on their profile and the Connect button. You can then message them and filter your feed on the Network by clicking on Connections, showing you only the most important updates from your personal network.

Celebrate those you’ve worked with by sending them Endorsements! Click on the member’s profile, then click the “Send Endorsement” button. Choose Your Endorsement Type: Worked Together, Hired for a Job, Was Hired by Member, or Referred Me. Write a brief message describing your work together and send it off!

Endorsements help the community to vet crew, so be sure to review a member’s endorsements on their profile before hiring and follow up on sending an endorsement if you enjoyed working with a member from the Network!

You can send private messages to any of your Connections on the Network. Please note you must be connected before you can start chatting with them. Spamming and selling via messages is absolutely prohibited.

Post a job, crew or casting call when you're hiring for your project or business. First, choose the suitable category for your job: Paid Crew Calls (minimum wage or above), Full Time Jobs, Part Time Jobs, Unpaid & Stipend (any collaborations below minimum wage) and Casting Calls. Then, add the details about the positions you need including the rates and/or the department/project budget in numbers (range is okay). Hit post and your call will go out to the entire Network.

Want to get an email everytime someone posts a new job or opportunity? Head to a category (Paid Crew Calls, Full Time Jobs, Part Time Jobs, Casting Calls, or Unpaid & Stipend) and click that "Get Email Alerts" button to subscribe. Click it again to unsubscribe.

Search and filter members by Roles, Location, Identity, Ethnicity, and Union and any info available to you on their profiles. Make sure to fill out yours so you can always be found!

PANO offers exclusive benefits and discounts to our BTTL members from our trusted partners. We offer discounts at every stage in the filmmaking process. If you have a suggestion for one, or know someone who’d like to offer one to our community, please let us know!

Do NOT share these discounts outside of the Network or with non-members. Please note all benefit redemptions will be checked against our member list and any members caught violating this policy will be removed and their membership terminated.

PANO awards $500 microgrants to support projects or professional development for BTTL and PRO members in the Network. We prioritize applications that celebrate and uplift women and non-binary filmmakers on all sides of the camera. Grants can be used for production costs, post-production services, equipment purchases or rentals, festival expenses, submission fees, and education. For more information and to apply, click here.

We host a variety of events to connect & educate our members on topics such as producing, financing, cinematography, post production, writing, and much more. Subscribe for our newsletter so you won’t miss out! Scroll to the bottom of any page or click here to go the newsletter sign up form.

BTTL members have access to free tickets to our monthly events and discounts on our more in-depth offerings. Check your benefits and members only newsletter for more info on how to redeem your free or discounted tickets!

Our Library of Recordings allows BTTL members to watch videos of our past workshops and events. These videos span a variety of valuable filmmaking topics including: Directing, Producing, Financing, Distribution, Writing, Marketing, and more. BTTL members can learn at their own pace, and our library is growing all the time.

Looking for something to watch? Check out our curated watchlists for films from underrepresented voices.

Settings & More

One of the big benefits of moving off of Facebook is we can put all of the control of your data and privacy back in your hands. Choose what you share with the community as well as which notifications you receive and when.

Renew, cancel, or upgrade your membership. You can also change your billing information and view your payment receipts.

For Businesses with access to sub accounts, you can go to Settings > Billing & Membership > Subscriptions tab or click here to create and manage your sub accounts.

Under your active subscription, you'll see a button at the end that says "Sub Accounts" - you may need to scroll all the way to the right to see it. Click on that button and fill out the form to make your first sub account! This is also where you manage the sub accounts you've created.

The Network is only as strong as our community. Please invite your colleagues and fellow filmmakers to join us by sending them an email invite.

What if I need more help?

Feel free to reach out and let us know what we can do to help!​

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