For underrepresented talent to

Crew up

Get hired

Build your network

We've built a free and private community for underpresented filmmakers & their supporters to hire, find work, level up, and connect with each other.

We offer Microgrants to support projects or professional development for our members, prioritizing applications that celebrate and uplift women, non-binary & GNC creators.

We host virtual and in person events to connect & educate our members on all aspects of filmmaking from development to production to post.

We've launched our pilot Pano Pairs program this summer to connect our members to further support each other.

We program screenings to share, highlight, and amplify the outstanding work of our underrepresented filmmakers.


As we enter our 7th year in operation, much has changed within the organization. What started as a small in-person meet-up in a room at NYU has grown to a thriving network of over 6k filmmakers. In the past, a lot of our networking happened in person, in New York City only. We look forward to bringing back in-person events (hopefully this year!) but the move to virtual programming increased accessibility for many folks, and allowed new filmmakers to find and join us! Our members now span not only the US, but the world, reaching as far as the UK, Australia, South America, and beyond! Our new online platform – the Network has helped countless members find crew, get hired, and seek advice.

With this rapid growth, we at NYC Women Filmmakers (NYCWF) started to feel that our current name was a bit limiting. In an effort to better encompass our unique brand and offerings, we’ve debuted a new name and logo for 2022.

Pano, from panoramic / panorama, reflects our commitment to the wide spectrum of artists we serve – above and below the line, women, non-binary, and GNC folks. We hope that in this new name you will feel reflected, included, and proud to be a part of our community.

Don’t worry – our mission hasn’t changed. We are still the organization that you know and love – dedicated to advancing the careers of women, non-binary, GNC creators in Film, TV & Media. We remain a safe, inclusive, and encouraging community to collaborate, ask questions & share your wins. Join us on the Network to crew up, get hired, and build your network of diverse & underrepresented filmmakers!

Latest Updates

We continue our highlights of this round of Microgrant winners! Meet Patrice Bowman, who won for her film Under the Sun After the Wind. Learn more about the Microgrant winners on our website! #womeninfilm #microgrants #filmmakinglife
Upcoming event! We are excited to kick off our Pano Pairs mentorship program with a launch party! On Thursday, August 25th at 6:30pm ET, all Pano Pair participants are invited to celebrate their new partnerships in person. Meet and greet with other pairs! Find more connections with other members as we contine to grow our network. If you are in the Pano Pair program, you have already received an invitation with more information about the event. Want to be a part of our next round of Pano Pairs? Check out the program on our website #linkinbio. #panopairs #panopower #networking
Co-President @laurensowa shares some of the tips that have helped her crowdfund successfully. To watch her full workshop Producing Your Short Film: A Guide for the Actor Creator, visit the Library in the Network! #crowdfundingcampaign #womeninfilm #panonetwork #panopower #filmmaking101
Today we continue highlighting the winners of this round of Microgrants! Congrats to <a class='bp-suggestions-mention' href='' rel='nofollow'><noscript><img src=
Join us for our next Pano Power Hour featuring Meenakshi Shedde, a veteran film curator, programmer, and jury member, who has worked with celebrated festivals such as Cannes, Venice, and Berlin. During this session you will learn how to catch the eye of festival programmers and hear tips on creating a strong strategy for your film. The event will be moderated by Pano Advisory Board Member Richa Rudola. See you on Monday, August 15th at 7pm ET. Join the Network now to access this #membersonly event! #panopower #panonetwork #filmfestival
Today we spotlight Pano's own Board Treasurer, Nancy Adams, an experienced CPA who works with a wide range of organizations and individuals, with particular emphasis on the independent film industry and same-gender couples. Services provided encompass everything from essential tax compliance for businesses and individuals to outsourced controller functions for businesses and strategic financial planning for individuals. Located in New Mexico, but spends time in New York and work with clients all over the US. Pano Members can find Nancy's webinars on Taxes for Film & TV and Tax Code: Section 181 in the Network's Library of Events. Learn more about Nancy and her accounting company, Sullivan Field & Smith, LLC. by connecting with her on the #panonetwork #panopower #taxesforfreelancers