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Corporate Partners investing in gender equity with us include:

About PANO

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the careers of underrepresented filmmakers, including women, trans, and gender-expansive creators, experiencing marginalization due to their identities.

We are known for being a safe and supportive for our 3,000+ global members and 12,000+ engaged social media subscribers. We empower and support underrepresented filmmakers through monetary support (grants, discounts), peer-to-peer mentorships, cutting-edge job training (labs, workshops), access to vital resources (job listings, crew and casting calls) and networking opportunities (industry events, screenings, showcases).

We recognize the vital role filmmaking plays in shaping our culture and work to support underrepresented storytellers to overcome the many barriers they may face throughout their careers. Our impactful, community first programs result in a more equitable entertainment industry that reflects the panorama of diverse voices we want to see in front of and behind our screens.

A small sample of filmmakers we've supported over the years


PANO’s year-round programs couldn’t happen without the generous support of our Corporate Partners. Many of PANO’s programs are lifelines to our members. Together, we’ll make the most of your philanthropic contribution while ensuring your company enjoys the impact of your generosity.

Iron Partnership

Social Media & Newsletter Feature
$ 2,000 per year
  • Social Media Shoutout
  • Post in Monthly Newsletter
  • Access to Talent Pipeline

Copper Partnership

Virtual or In Person Event Sponsor
$ 5,000 per year
  • Virtual or Live Event Sponsor
  • Logo on All Event Materials
  • Presentation at Event
  • Logo added to Our Website

Bronze Partnership

Jobs Board Sponsor
$ 8,000 per year
  • Jobs Board Sponsor
  • Logo on All Jobs Board Pages
  • Logo in Monthly Newsletters
  • Logo added to Our Website

Silver Partnership

Peer Mentorship Program Sponsor
$ 12,000 per year
  • Peer Mentorship Sponsor
  • Logo on All Program Materials
  • Present at Celebration Event
  • Logo added to Our Website
Scroll or click here to find out more about each program and their benefits.

Gold Partnership

Short Film Festival Sponsor
$ 18,000 per year
  • Sponsor Our Short Film Festival
  • Logo on All Program Materials
  • Invites to In Person Screening
  • Join the Film Festival Jury
  • Logo added to Our Website

Platinum Partnership

Grants Program Sponsor
$ 25,000 per year
  • Sponsor Our Premiere Grants Program
  • Logo on All Program Materials
  • Invites to Winners Celebrations
  • Join the Microgrants Jury
  • Logo added to Our Website

Diamond Partnership

Custom Lab or Program Sponsor
$ 50,000 per year
  • Sponsor a Custom Program of Your Making
  • Logo on All Program Materials
  • In Person Launch Party
  • In Person Closing Celebation
  • Invites to Both Events
  • Logo added to Our Website

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About Our Programs

We’ve surveyed our community to figure out what underrepresented filmmakers need the most: access to capital, resources, jobs and opportunities, and influential networks. As a result, our programs are designed to deliver the most impact for our marginalized members while making it easy for you and your company to support gender equity and diversity in media.

Diamond Partnership

Custom Lab or Program

We will create a custom lab or program named after your company or organization. You can choose the subject matter, skills developed, and the speakers featured. The exclusive program will be offered to a carefully selected group of PANO members matching your criteria. All the program’s marketing materials will prominently showcase your company, products, guest speakers and expertise. This is a great opportunity to reach our entire audience over a span of six months to a year while demonstrating your commitment to gender equity. Furthermore, we’ll program and host two live events to celebrate the launch and closing of your program, of which your entire team will be invited to.

Platinum Partnership

Flagship Grants Program

Sponsor our bi-annual flagship Microgrants program which offers critical funding and in-kind support to filmmakers at all stages of their career and project. Your logo will be featured prominently in our marketing materials all year round including our social media channels, website, newsletters, press releases, applications, and event invites for the two rounds of grants we award each year. You will receive invites to meet the awardees at our in person celebration events. Your logo will be featured prominently at the winners’ events as the premiere sponsor of our most popular and vital program for filmmakers. Lastly, you’ll be invited to join the jury in helping to make the final selections.

Gold Partnership

Short Film Festival

Sponsor PANO’s annual Shorts Showcase which highlights top narrative and non-fiction work from filmmakers in our community through a popular virtual festival paired with an in-person screening. Your branding will be prominent placed throughout the 1-2 day film festival which includes social media posts, websites, programs, press releases, event invites and more. Our past virtual festivals have been streamed over 1000x each year. A member of your team will be invited to join the jury to select the highlighted films. You’ll also receive complimentary tickets for you and your team to attend the in person screenings as honored guests.

Silver Partnership

Peer Mentorship Program

Sponsor our marquee mentorship program which pairs our members based on their needs and experience. Paired members meet monthly for 3-6 months. Your logo will be featured prominently in all our marketing materials for this program including our social media channels, website, pairing emails, events and newsletters over the span of 3-6 months. You’ll also be invited to present at our celebration event for the program which we usually hold at the beginning or end of the multi month program.

Bronze Partnership

Jobs Board

PANO has developed a unique and exclusive online social media network that serves as a valuable resource. This platform encompasses many features, including event recordings, networking opportunities, job listings, news updates, specialized groups, and more. It’s worth noting that no other organization offers a platform of this nature. Think of it as a combination of LinkedIn and MasterClass, specifically tailored for filmmakers. With your support, your logo will be featured prominently on our most valuable and highly trafficked resource, the Jobs Board, and seen by our 3000+ members who utilize it to crew up, find work, and hire each other. As the sponsor, your logo will also be featured in our monthly newsletter under the Jobs & Crew Calls section for one year.

Copper Partnership

Virtual or in person event

PANO will program and host a virtual workshop or in person event sponsored by your company. Your logo will appear in all the marketing materials for the event which includes Eventbrite invite, newsletter, and social media posts. You have the option of providing a live speaker or recording a sponsored message to present at the event. Our virtual events are attended by a global audience and recorded to be watched by hundreds of members in our community. Our in person events are well attended by NYC’s film professionals. Your logo will also be added to our homepage, demonstrating your commitment to gender equity in entertainment.

Iron Partnership

Social Media, Newsletter, and website placement

Are you launching a new product or project? Let PANO share details about your new venture with our 12,000 social media subscribers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You’ll also receive a sponsored post about your company or project in our monthly newsletter which is read by 5000+ members. Lastly, you’ll receive an Industry account to post jobs and search our database of diverse filmmakers. By publicly aligning with PANO, your company or organization will receive heightened visibility as a champion of diversity and inclusivity and differentiate itself in the marketplace.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out!

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