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Pano Pairs

is a new kind of mentorship program where all participants are matched to equally support each other in their individual goals.

What's new

PANO Pairs is back! For 2023-2024, we are introducing cohorts, so each pair will be grouped with a cohort who will determine their own cadence but will be encouraged to meet at the beginning and end of the program. With a cohort, you’ll have multiple opportunities to meet and connect with even more PANO members and expand your network!


Instead of traditional mentorship programs where there is an implied hierarchy when naming a mentor and mentee, we’ve opted for an accessible approach inspired by successful mentorships — a mutually beneficial experience where both partners support each other equally in their endeavors. To that end, we’ve done away with the mentor and mentee titles. Instead, everyone participating is the same, one half of a PANO Pair.

We highly encourage you to apply if you’re looking to pursue professional development goals, are seeking artistic support or want to give back to the community. You may not think of yourself as a mentor, but everyone has something they can give to someone else. Your life, artistic and professional experiences are unique and can help buoy or illuminate another. On top of a potentially inspiring and informative experience, you will also expand your personal network as a PANO Pair. Scroll for program dates and time commitment before you apply!


Who can apply to participate?

PANO Network members with any active paid subscription (Filmmaker PRO, BTTL, or Industry membership) can apply to participate in PANO Pairs. Once paired, you must maintain an active qualifying membership through the start of the program (December 2023). If you are not yet a qualifying member, please join or upgrade before applying.

Pairing Process

Eligible applicants are formally paired by the PANO Pairs Committee based on responses to the application. Pairs are determined by needs and interests, self-defined by both partners. Please fill out your application thoughtfully and thoroughly to give us as much information as possible to find your PANO Pair match!

Program Dates & Timeline

Participanting in PANO Pairs is a personal time commitment that spans several months beginning in December 2023 through March 2024:

October-December: Application & Matching

  • October 1, 2023: Applications Open
  • November 1, 2023: Applications Close
  • November 2023: Pairs are matched by our committee.
  • December 1, 2023: Pairs are announced and connected by email.

PANO Pairs Program Begins:

  • December 2023 (Date TBD): Pairs are encouraged to meet in person at our holiday party in December. Invites will be sent to all Pairs.
  • Once matched, Pairs determine their meeting cadence and should meet once a month at minimum for 3 months, ideally starting in December 2023 or January 2024. Cohorts of Pairs are encouraged to gather for the first meeting and last meeting.

Time Commitment

Each PANO Pair determines the cadence and structure of their meetings, and is responsible for any follow up or follow through. Pairs can choose to meet monthly for three months or more often for a shorter period.

A minimum total of 3x one hour meetings to be held once a month for three months (starting in December 2023 or January 2024) is the recommended commitment. Any other arrangement is a choice to be agreed upon between the two Pairs. Be mindful of the time and effort your Pair is giving you, set goals together and communicate your needs clearly.


Apply Now

Applications are open October 1 - November 1, 2023

By submitting your application, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Applying does not guarantee you will be matched this round but we will do our best to match as many members as we can.

All qualifying PANO members will receive a free MasterClass membership after applying! The email you apply to PANO Pairs with will be automatically added to our MasterClass membership once applications close on November 1, 2023. While supplies last, each qualifying member is limited to one MasterClass membership. If you’ve already received this benefit through another PANO program, you are ineligible for an additional membership.


June 8th, 2022 from 6pm – 7pm ET

Learn all about our new PANO Pairs program, important dates, time commitment, how the program will be run and much more. There will be time afterwards for a Q&A with all attendees.

This questionnaire is designed to be filled out in advance of the first meeting. It is a worksheet to help guide your first conversation. Not all questions may be applicable, or you may not be ready to answer them all now. Please use whatever sections may feel most relevant for you. There are no wrong answers, it is all food for thought!

Four Articles on Mentorship to help guide PANO Pairs participants: Being a PANO Pair requires more than just showing up to meetings. Mentoring relationships require a bit of work and input from both participants. When the partners are a good match and understand their roles, the mentorship can blossom into a valuable relationship.


Terms & Conditions

This Agreement of Terms and Conditions is made effective upon you submitting your application and consists of the entire agreement between You (the “Applicant”) and Pano Network, Inc. (“PANO”), concerning the PANO Pairs Mentorship Program (“PANO Pairs”):

The PANO Pairs program is intended as a free resource for members, all participants are volunteers. 

PANO does not screen the participants, the views expressed by program participants do not necessarily represent the opinion of PANO.

PANO is not responsible if a pair does not result in a satisfactory match.

PANO matches the pair based solely on their application choices.

A PANO Pairs participant has the choice to reject or accept a suggested partner, but will not be guaranteed an alternative.

PANO is not liable for the communication quality and content between participants.

PANO is not liable for any distress or discomfort the communication might cause to the participants.

The duration of the mentoring is decided by both participants.

Any mentoring relations, and the individual sessions, are entered into voluntarily between the participants separate and apart from PANO, and any contact is undertaken wholly at the risk of the participants.

Neither PANO or the PANO Pairs may be held liable for advice provided, nor for any consequences of the application of such advice in their business or personal environment.

PANO is not responsible for the actions or behavior of participants, or the advice provided by participants during a mentoring engagement.

By participating in the PANO Pairs program, all participants agree to indemnify and hold harmless PANO for any loss, liability, claim, damage and expenses arising from or in connection with the PANO Pairs mentor matching.

PANO is not liable for the outcome of the PANO Pairs program

Race, gender, ethnicity, communication styles and personalities are to be respected by all participants.

PANO makes no representations, endorsements, warranties, or guarantees as to the participants’ expertise, products, or services, and accepts no responsibility for the opinions and information exchanged as a result of this program. 

Reliance on any information provided by any participants is solely and completely at your own risk; therefore, we advise you to exercise a reasonable degree of caution in your use of any such information. The PANO Pairs Program is for educational purposes only and is not intended in any fashion to be a substitute for professional training and/or advice.