Congratulations to Our 2024 Microgrant Semi-Finalists!

We are proud to announce the Semi-Finalists for our fourth round of Microgrants 🌟 Finalists will be announced later this month. We had a huge number of wonderful projects that were submitted, and narrowing down was very difficult. Thank you to everyone who submitted. Your voices are necessary, and we can’t wait to see your films. Keep an eye out as we start to announce the Jury Members who will be selecting the finalists and winners of this round of Microgrants! Scroll for the full list below the graphic.

Community Organizing

Jenna Leung

Career Building

Amy Bin Tiong
Caitlin Hirabayashi
Emma Huibregtse
Jaclyn S. Powell
Juliana Roth
Lexi Tannenholtz
Maren Lavelle

Pre-Production or Development

Alicia Marie Herder – The Girl who Cried Wolf
Amy DiGiacomo – Untitled Saguaro Women Doc
Ariel Baska – Monstrous Me
Ashley Tyler – Shine on Me: The Untold Story of the Black Coptic Church in America
Claire Tran – Steel Cutter
Gabriella A. Moses – The Booking
Imani Davis – Traveling Discreetly at the Desert Rose Casino
Ise White – The Nez Perce and the Wolves of Yellowstone
Ksenia Naughton – The Interview
Lauren Wohlmacher – Golden Afternoon
Nicole Marie Martinez – Questing
Patrice Danyetta Bowman – Father’s Shadow
Rachel Kerry – An American Werewolf in Upstate New York

The MBS Group + Insight Equipment – Lighting and Grip Rental

Aria Grasso – Pins and Needles
Courtney DeStefano – Bench Seats
Hyten Davidson – Maternity Leave
Maisa Chiang – Worst Morning After
Maria Fernanda Diez – Doble Quince
Maria Isabella Rojas – Luci and Marlon
Mathilde Suissa – Wraith
Natasha Rivera – Pa Que Tu Lo Sepas (So You Know it)
Robin Rose Singer – Mina Finds Her Edge!
Shehrezad Maher – The Curfew
Suzanne Lenz – Pencils Down


Alexandra Olivia Engelson – Shattered
Anu Bhatt – Crossing The Desert
Aria Grasso – Pins and Needles
Arielle Friedman – Breadwinner
Courtney DeStefano – Bench Seats
Emily Harrold – Sister Senators
Gabrielle Roca Lenhard – Nova
Hyten Davidson – Maternity Leave
Jiwon Choi – BIAS
Keisha Bissram – Black Cake
Larissa Kruesi – Audentes Fortuna Iuvat
Lucia Roman Canivell – Corahe
Maisa Chiang – Worst Morning After
Maria Fernanda Diez – Doble Quince
Maria Isabella Rojas – Luci and Marlon
Maria Palacio – Me & Death
Mathilde Suissa – Wraith
Meera Angelica Joshi – Learner’s Permit
Natasha Rivera – Pa Que Tu Lo Sepas (So You Know it)
Nicole Rinaldi – Unwanted
Okema T. Moore – Purses & Floors
Patricia Colmenero – God in the Land of Santa Joana
Sarah Beim – cataclysm.begins
Shanna Riker – Dueling Watchers
Shannon Brown – Stuck
Shehrezad Maher – The Curfew
Taylor Coriell – Squish
Zoe Kerr – A Mother


Aisha Alfa – BLOCKED
Amy Epstein – Over the Rainbow Randy and Marvin
Catherine Mora – The Fandom Report
Erin Katherine Sanger – The Coma Club
Gilana Lobel – Satellite
Ifeyinwa Arinze – Breastmilk
Kim Blanck – Gloria
Liisa Kaufman – Balston
Nicolle Marquez – Ana Macho: The Caribbean Pop Star
Pilar Adara – The Pincher
Stefano Da Fr̬ РA Dream Beyond The Dark
Tori Lancaster – Mother Future Self

Color-Grading Grant provided by Marika Litz

Archana Shinde – Earbuds
Ellie Heyman – Our Rite
Gilana Lobel – Satellite
Hannah Engelson – Grandma (working title)
Jess Zeidman – INTRUDER
Naomi Lindh – Epinephrine


Aephie Chen – MAMU
Alexandra Kumala – The Prayer
Alexandra Merritt Mathews – 988
Brooke Berman – Ramona At Midlife
Chyan Lo – Yesterday, I Dreamt About
Desiree Abeyta – Beyond the Fog
Emily Adams – FISHER CAT
Emily Grooms – Julie Baby
Holly Marie Buechel – Fencing for the Edge
Jazz Pitcairn – Ivan
Katie Colwell – Lapse
Kristal Sotomayor – Expanding Sanctuary
Lian Sonia Walden РD̩rive
Liz Beeson – Holding Back the Tide
Loulwa Khoury – We Never Left
Melisa Breiner-Sanders – Unsaid
Mimi Wilcox – Bad Hostage
Misha Calvert – Pink Flags
Montana Mann – Azi
Nay Tabbara – Ebb & Flow
Ruhi Radke – Brown Sugar
Sally Tran – Đừng giỡn mặt với Bà.
Samantha Isom – Brown Passport
Tanis Parenteau – Glen Reige 20 WP
Tsang Kadi Yuen Ying – Bruce, Bruce, We Love You
Valeria A Ortiz – Even In The Light